Arsenal are facing Bayern Munich away in a crucial Champions League match that could go some way to deciding our fate in the competition. I should be rubbing my hands with glee at the prospect of it, even if we are not the favourites tonight. Instead I find myself worrying about things that may not happen, not only that though. I find myself worrying about other fixtures in the future, so much so that I am finding it difficult to look forward to what should be another very intriguing match of football.


If we are to take anything away from Munich tonight we would need to put in an almighty physical shift, we did not intend for them to have so much of the ball in the first match but they did, they did because they are exceptional at possession. Because of this reason we had to adjust our tactics in the match and play a more counter attacking game. It required a hell of a lot of chasing and that was pretty evident in our next fixture against Everton when we visibly tired in the second half.

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